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5/31/15: The Sweet Spot Festival

5/31/15: The Sweet Spot Festival

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Put You On: Rich Medina x Tatyana Fazalizadeh – Get Angry

Put You On: Rich Medina x Tatyana Fazalizadeh – Get Angry

Get Angry is a collaboration between Rich Medina and painter Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. Inspired by the fervor of protest that threatened to boil over in 2011, Tatyana created a series of paintings to illustrate the various movements – from Tahrir Sq to Wall St, from London to Troy Davis, from Slutwalk to the demand for gay marriage rights – […]

Put You On: The Roy Ayers Project

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) I first became aware of the Roy Ayers Project at Fresthetic in Brooklyn after the Bago Brunch this past Saturday. Being a huge Roy Ayers fan, I was immediately intrigued by the simple and understated postcards with the words on them. I threw one in my back pocket, copped a […]

The Apt 78 + Heineken Uptown Summer Series Continues Tonight Ft Rich Medina & Mobius Collective

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Warning, warning; the Globe-trotter himself, DJ Rich Medina, will be rocking out at Apt 78 tonight. Seriously folks, this is one DJ set you simply do not want to miss. Rich Medina is truly a global phenomenon, from NYC, to LA, to London, to Tokyo and everywhere in between, music lovers […]

Rich Medina's Lil' Ricky's Rib Shack Tonight @ Harlem Stage

The legendary Lil’ Ricky’s Rib Shack visits Harlem for one night only! After almost 9 years at the now defunct, extremely influential venue APT in the meat packing district, Lil’ Ricky’s makes its Harlem debut! Complete with a visual treatment by The Marksmen, this should prove to be a memorable night in the history of […]

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