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Tracing 350 Years of Harlem’s Ever-Shifting Boundaries | Curbed NY

Tracing 350 Years of Harlem's Ever-Shifting Boundaries | Curbed NY

by Keith Williams Some neighborhood names appear to be jokes. Some have stuck around for centuries, despite changing connotations. Some shift with the winds of gentrification. Welcome to Blurred Lines, in which writer Keith Williams studies New York City’s changing neighborhood boundaries. Ask a handful New Yorkers to define the southern boundary of Harlem and […]

Cornerspotted: Paterno Castle of Washington Heights – Curbed NY

Cornerspotted: Paterno Castle of Washington Heights - Curbed NY

by Dave Hogarty Yesterday’s Cornerspotter puzzle featured a close-up image of a castle with a greenhouse and a driveway. What it didn’t feature and would have given everything away is the heights upon which it was perched, high above the Hudson River in Inwood just north of present location of the George Washington Bridge. Paterno […]

Skyscrapers in the Hood?

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) The Manhattan Times, DNAinfo and now Curbed have been spreading the word on the proposed new building project that would bring, at most, 4 skyscrapers to the area around 190th Street and Broadway. Quadriad Realty Partners, the real estate developer behind the project, has in mind four new mix-used buildings that […]

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