The People’s Theatre Project Presents To Be Heard – Free Theatre Program For Teens

To Be Heard - People's Theatre Project - Free Teen Theatre Program

TO BE HEARD (For Teens ages 13-17)
Saturdays | April 18 – June 6 | Noon – 3pm
United Palace Theatre, 4140 Broadway at 175th Street

NYC Teens are invited to join this free theatre-making program. Each week, a professional artist will engage the young actors in theatre games and activities to facilitate the creation and performance of a collection of scenes, monologues, movement, music, and spoken word pieces inspired by a social theme important to the group.

Register @ thru March 29th, 2015.


Spread Love: Magic Mania Sundays

Magic Mania @ The West End

Since Summer of 2014, internationally known Magician and Comedian, Rich Marotta and his magical maniacs have been dazzling audiences every week as he hosts his new magic cabaret, Magic Mania! Magic Mania is unique to the NYC magic scene because it provides an intimate atmosphere where world renowned Magicians and up-and-comers alike can perform their boldest tricks UNCENSORED with drinks flowing. This is not your typical kid friendly magic show!

For more info:

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Inwood Hill Park: Historical Timeline | My Inwood

By Cole Thompson


Opening ceremonies of Inwood Hill Park, collection of Cole Thompson.

Inwood Hill is a 196-acre park located on the northern tip of Manhattan. The words “wild” and “untamed” are often used to describe the meandering trails, caves, cliffs and otherworldly geological formations that together make Inwood Hill so unique.

The history of Inwood Hill, like that of the surrounding city, is fascinating and can be broken down into several periods:

  • The Native, or pre-history, of Inwood Hill.
  • Colonial village and Revolutionary War outpost.
  • The age of the merchant class where grand estates lined the ridge.
  • The era of institutions and asylums.
  • Finally, the creation of Inwood Hill Park and on into the present.

Below you’ll find a rough timeline of a park many tourists will never see. An ancient, magical place seemingly removed from modern Manhattan.

Read more: Inwood Hill Park: Historical Timeline | My Inwood


Save The Date: 4/20/15 – The Up Theater Company Honors Our Very Own Led Black

World Premiere: Dyckman Fireworks @ District 12

Onward & UPward! – To benefit UP Theater Company
MONDAY, APRIL 20 – 6:30 to 9:30
District 12 (4892 Broadway)

That’s right folks, the good folks at the Up Theater Company our having their annual benefit shindig on Monday, April 20th at District 12 (4892 Broadway) and this year they are bestowing “The Upstanding Person of the Year” Award to our very own Led Black. So please be in attendance for this event that is all about celebrating the arts in our community.

Get this: For $35 advance/$45 door you are not only supporting theater, art and culture in our neighborhood but you also get to enjoy 3 hours of free-flowing wine, beer, appetizers and entertainment. Not to mention sweet raffle prizes and a live auction.

Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way!

Get Your Tickets:


Uptown Talk: The Translators – Desmin Borges

The Translators Podcast

On this episode, the Translators (Mike Diaz & Jaime Fernandez) interview actor Desmin Borges who currently stars in the hit FXX show,”You’re The Worst.” Desmin waxes eloquent on his early theater days, playing a character with PTSD and his random Prince sightings.


How Harlem Has Changed | NY Times


Harlem - Photography - Muhammad Ali - Laila Ali - 125th Street

The southwest corner of Lenox Avenue at 125th Street in 2004. (Photo: Albert Vecerka | Esto)

Albert Vecerka first came to Harlem in 1993 to study architecture at the City College of New York, and he quickly learned two things. The first was that he was more interested in photographing buildings than in designing them. The second was that the neighborhood around him provided a story that could be told visually through its architecture. It was a story of money, which really does change everything: the height of buildings, the people living in them, the light in the morning or evening, the sounds and smells that constitute urban life.

Mr. Vecerka, 45, found himself returning to the block of Malcolm X Boulevard, also known as Lenox Avenue, between 124th and 125th Streets. “I would go by and see scaffolding going up, then parts of a building would have disappeared, then the whole building disappeared,” he said, in a voice that still bears a Yugoslavian accent.

Read more: How Harlem Has Changed: Photographs by Albert Vecerka –


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The Uptown Tweet of the Week

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July 1970 Harlem, full of life | Mashable

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Washington Heights native brings 3D printing shop to his neighborhood | NY Daily News

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