The Hip-Hop Nutcracker – A Preview

The Hip-Hop Nutcracker will be making it’s Uptown debut on Sunday, December 7th at 6 pm at the venerable United Palace. Check out the first public performance of new scenes from “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” at “Voices of New York” sponsored by NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito.

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The NYPD’s Own Statistics Reveal a Troubling Trend in the NYPD’s Marijuana Enforcement | Mic

By Tom McKay

Pot Protests in New York City

City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, left, joined protesters against the city’s marijuana arrest policies at demonstration half a block from the mayor’s house in 2013. (Photo: Ángel Franco | NY Times)

The news: In New York City, whether or not you get arrested for marijuana possession has a lot to do with whether you’re black or Latino.

New arrest record data from the New York state criminal justice system compiled by the Drug Policy Alliance paints a disturbing picture of racial bias in the city’s marijuana laws. While black Americans are arrested for marijuana possession far more frequently than whites, there’s little evidence that black people consume marijuana with greater regularity than whites do.

The arrests: The data shows a tremendous disparity between white and black marijuana arrests. In one of the starkest examples, the heavily black and Latino New York City neighborhoods of Washington Heights and East Harlem have marijuana arrest rates of 882 and 1,128 per 100,000 residents. That gives East Harlem, which is just 12% white, a marijuana arrest rate more than 110 times higher than the 81% white Upper East Side. Washington Heights has an arrest rate 110 times higher than the mostly-white Brooklyn neighborhood of Forest Hills.

Read more: The NYPD’s Own Statistics Reveal a Troubling Trend in the NYPD’s Marijuana Enforcement – Mic.


The Uptown Tweet of the Week

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Spread Love: Support Mari en Maraña

Indiegogo - Mari En Marana

If we don’t support our art, who will? Making a film isn’t easy. It takes gumption, dedication, skill, patience, and oh yeah, money. The young people behind Mari en Maraña are trying to make a short film that takes the classic story of Romeo and Juliet and transposes it to present-day Washington Heights with Dominican and Haitian protagonists no less. This is an endeavor you should support. You have only a few days left so please spread that Uptown Love…

Support: ‘Mari en Maraña’ – A Short Film | Indiegogo


Op-Led: Join The Renters’ March On Saturday, October 25th

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Housing March Harlem Washington Heights

That’s right people, tomorrow a coalition of housing and tenant activists from across the city will gather Uptown for a march from Harlem to Washington Heights. The route chosen marks the largest concentration of rent-regulated apartments in all of New York City, which underscores the importance of ensuring your voices are heard.

This is serious business folks! On June 15th, 2015, the rent laws protecting over 2.5 million New Yorkers are set to expire. Let’s make sure they are just not renewed but are strengthened. We need to send a strong and unequivocal message to the New York State Senate that we intend to keep New York City a place for everyone to live not just the super rich.

If we do not fight for affordable housing today, there will nothing left to fight for tomorrow. The very vibrancy and dynamism of this great city is at stake. Let’s do our part and secure this city for generations to come.

Pa’Lante Siempre Pa’Lante


The Truth About Ebola

BY Mark Levine (@MarkLevineNYC)

Ebola - Harlem

Outside Dr. Spencer's apartment on West 147th Street (AP)

As you have likely heard, Dr. Craig Spencer, a member of our community who lives on West 147th Street, has been diagnosed with Ebola.  He is currently being treated in the isolation ward at Bellevue.  Three of his close relations have been quarantined but are currently healthy.  The Department of Health is actively working to trace other possible at-risk contacts Dr. Spencer may have had.

These developments are cause for concern–but not for panic.  A lot of misinformation is circulating about Ebola and how it spreads. Here are the facts:


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The Uptown Tweet of the Week
The Uptown Tweet of the Week

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Washington Heights native brings 3D printing shop to his neighborhood | NY Daily News

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