The Elixir: Give Instead of Get This Black Friday – Christina’s Cancer Cure Fund

BY Eileen Z. Fuentes (@EileenZFuentes)


Black Friday is defined as the day after Thanksgiving and is noted as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers. This year my hope is that instead of getting, why not try giving? Before you stop reading, please know it is not for me but for my good friend Christina who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and told that there was nothing else that could be done to treat her illness.

During one of Christina’s doctor appointments, before she was even diagnosed with advanced disease, I hung out with her 4-year-old son Colin and he became obsessed with a heart-shaped trinket on my desk. This gift was given to me by one of the first participants in my wellness program back in 2010. When she gave it to me, she pulled me aside and told me how she purposely held onto it for many years until she found someone worthy enough to give it to. There were tears and hugs and it is for that reason, I have kept it on my desk for six years. It means a great deal to me.



This Afro-Brazilian Ballerina’s Journey From Rio to Harlem Is the Uplifting Short Film You Need | Remezcla

By Manuel Betancourt

Ingrid Silva

(Photo: Underground NYC)

Auditions are terrifying. As a performer, everything can hinge on a few moments on a stage in front of strangers that’ll be quick to judge your every move. It can be a paralyzing moment for many. It can lead you to think back to where it all began and how far you’ve come.

Ben Briand’s short film opens with that very moment, putting us in the headspace of a ballerina about to be called out to dance. We see a man pointing directly at us and we look down, examining our sweaty palms. And at that moment, we’re shown everything that’s brought this ballerina to this exact moment. Very quickly, though, we learn this is no ordinary story. This is the journey of Ingrid Silva.

Read more: This Afro-Brazilian Ballerina’s Journey From Rio to Harlem Is the Uplifting Short Film You Need | Remezcla

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12/11/2016: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House - NY Times - GWB

The home has a breathtaking panorama that looks across the river to the Palisades and sweeps grandly from the George Washington Bridge, pictured, up to the Tappan Zee. (Photo: Piotr Redlinski | The NY Times)

Ever Want to Find Out About the PUMPKIN HOUSE?  Here’s your CHANCE!
December 11, 2016 3 to 5 pm
Community Room – Castle Village
110 Cabrini Blvd.

North of the George Washington Bridge, on a steep precipice above the West Side Highway rises the Pumpkin House, so-called because of its eerie appearance when viewed from the Hudson River at sunset.  OWNER & INTERIOR DESIGNER William Spink will incorporate vintage images in a presentation on the origins of this unique NYC structure, its preserved architectural details, the history of its occupants, and its relationship to the surrounding Washington Heights neighborhood. Sponsored by Simone Song Properties. Refreshments served; free with RSVP.



Uptown Today: Community Forum on Stop & Frisk


Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights (NMCIR) along with LatinoJustice PRLDEF will be conducting a community forum today, November 22nd, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.  This community forum, which is part of the joint remedial process ordered by the Federal Court in Floyd v. City of New York, will assess the application of stop and  frisk, since the settlement, from the community perspective.

The event will take place at the Ft. Washington Collegiate Church, located at 181st Street and Fort Washington Avenue, New York, New York 10033.  The joint remedial process is based in the federal court finding that New York Police Department (NYPD) had engaged in a prevalent practice of racially discriminatory stops and frisks.

This community forum will serve the purpose to collect the public opinion of the communities most impacted by stop and frisk practices in New York City allowing the public to share their experiences and impact directly laws governing the issue.  The community forum will include an explanation of the history and context of the Floyd case, and also Davis v. City of New York and Ligon v. City of New York which are related to the subject. NMCIR’s participation in this event will guarantee that the voice of all immigrants and Latinos/as in New York City, particularly our community in Washington Heights and The Bronx, is heard.


Op-Led: Pain Is Compliance – NYPD’s Guiding Principle In The Hood

Uptowners Rally Downtown Against Stop-and-Frisk | The Uptowner

Video: Cops Gone Wild – Police Beat Young Man Uptown

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Trump’s Attorney General Pick Thinks Dominicans Have No “Provable Skill” to Contribute to US | Remezcla

Written by

Jeff Sessions

(Photo: Tom Williams | CQ Roll Call)

Nearly 30 years ago, Dan-el Padilla arrived to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Around the same time, Jeff Sessions stood to become a federal judge after a nomination from President Ronald Reagan. In the end, the Republican-controlled Senate rejected him because former colleagues painted him as a racist. In those three decades, Padilla has gone from homeless shelters to studying at Princeton, Oxford, and earning a doctorate degree from Stanford. Sessions, on the other hand, has done little to distance himself from that reputation – instead impeding progress, namely for civil rights, immigration, and African Americans. Yet, Sessions could now become the next Attorney General.

After President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement came on Friday, outlets have begun to dig into Sessions’ track record. One video unearthed from 2006 features Sessions on the U.S. Senate floor. During an immigration reform debate under President George W. Bush’s administration, he stood before a crowd and denigrated Dominicans.

“Fundamentally, almost no one coming from the Dominican Republic to the United States is coming here because they have a provable skill that would benefit us and that would indicate their likely success in our society,” he said, according to the Huffington Post. “They come in because some other family member of a qualified relation is here as a citizen or even a green card holder. That is how they get to come. They are creating a false document to show these are relatives or their spouses and they married when it is not so.”

Read more: Trump’s Attorney General Pick Thinks Dominicans Have No “Provable Skill” to Contribute to US | Remezcla


Radical Hope | The New Yorker

By Junot Díaz

Junot Diaz Word Up Books Washington Heights

Querida Q.:

I hope that you are feeling, if not precisely better, then at least not so demoralized. On Wednesday, after he won, you reached out to me, seeking advice, solidarity. You wrote, My two little sisters called me weeping this morning. I had nothing to give them. I felt bereft. What now? Keep telling the truth from an ever-shrinking corner? Give up?

I answered immediately, because you are my hermana, because it hurt me to hear you in such distress. I offered some consoling words, but the truth was I didn’t know what to say. To you, to my godchildren, who all year had been having nightmares that their parents would be deported, to myself.

I thought about your e-mail all day, Q., and I thought about you during my evening class. My students looked rocked. A few spoke about how frightened and betrayed they felt. Two of them wept. No easy task to take in the fact that half the voters—neighbors, friends, family—were willing to elect, to the nation’s highest office, a toxic misogynist, a racial demagogue who wants to make America great by destroying the civil-rights gains of the past fifty years.


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