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Sweet Spot Festival

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The Light At The End of the Tunnel

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

191 Street Tunnel - Welcome the Heights

Art has a way of transforming things. Old things. Things that are long overdue, practically begging, for transformation. Things such as Tunnel Street. Yes, that is the actual name of the three blocks long pedestrian tunnel that connects Broadway with the No. 1 train station at 191st Street. A train station, might I add, that is 18 stories down from St. Nicholas Avenue. An article published in the NY Times on March 9th, 1913 billed the tunnel as the “world’s first tunnel street.”

191 Street Tunnel - Uptown

What ever it is, a tunnel or a street or both, it has seen better days. As a kid coming up in Washington heights in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the tunnel was a forbidding and downright despicable place. It was riddled with trash, crack vials, spent shells and was rat infested. In the summer, the walls would quite literally ooze dirty water. On top of being disgusting, the tunnel was also quite dangerous. In 1990 the 191st Street station was at the very top of the list of reported subway crimes, coming in 410th out of 469 stations.


Uptown Video: The Kanye West Effect

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Man Who Intervened in Manhattan Biker Assault Testifies | NY Times


Hero Who Save Man From Biker Attack

Sergio Consuegra testified Thursday at the trial of two motorcyclists accused of taking part in a gang assault in 2013. Mr. Consuegra stepped in to stop the assault. (Photo: Sam Hodgson | NY Times)

A Washington Heights man who intervened as a gang of motorcyclists was beating the driver of a sport utility vehicle testified on Thursday that he still did not know why the attackers listened to him.

The man, Sergio Consuegra, said he saw several bikers drag Alexian Lien from his car and begin to smash his head with their helmets and fists, while two other motorcyclists tried to pull Mr. Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, from the passenger’s seat, one of them saying, “You’re going to get it, too.”

Mr. Consuegra, 53, said he waded into the fray after Mr. Lien went down, his body not moving and his face bloodied. He said he held out his arms and barked at the enraged bikers. “I said: ‘That’s it, guys, let it go! Let it go!’ ” he testified at the trial of two men accused of taking part in the attack.

“Somehow I managed to stop them,” Mr. Consuegra added. “They might have gotten confused because I spoke to them in a strong tone, and they kind of froze. That’s what happened.”

Read more: Man Who Intervened in Manhattan Biker Assault Testifies – NYTimes.com


5/29/15: Millie and the Lords @ Maysles Cinema

Millie And The Lords - Film - Poster - Harlem

Millie and the Lords

Maysles Cinema (343 Malcolm X Blvd)

Friday, May 29th 2015 @ 9:30pm

The People’s Film Festival is kicking off at Maysles Cinema this Friday the 29th with Mille and the Lords. The film infuses the legendary history of Puerto Rican activist group The Young Lords Party and the story of Milagros Baez, a young Latina woman growing up in present day Spanish Harlem. Millie is stuck in a dead-end job but aspires to go college and better herself. She doesn’t see a way forward until she meets Mateo, a former Young Lord, who helps transform her life. As he slowly shares with Millie all of his knowledge and experiences with the Puerto Rican revolutionary group, she discovers an inner strength and passion that she never knew was there. Mateo’s encouragement and belief in Millie give her a new found sense of possibility, and little by little, her life begins to change. Inspired by the model of the Young Lords Party, Millie is able to overcome her fears and become the woman that she was meant to be.

The film was shot in various sections of East Harlem, Brooklyn and Washington Heights. The Young Lords story is told with old images, video footage and interviews with several formal Young Lords members. It connects to the Puerto Rican history of then and now. It is a story that needs to be told, especially since the fight for human rights is just as crucial now as it was back then.

For more info:




An Inwood Memorial Day Tribute | My Inwood

By Cole Thompson

Memorial in Inwood Hill Park.

Memorial in Inwood Hill Park.

This Memorial Day weekend as we bbq and prepare for summer it is important to take a moment to honor the men and women of the United States military who, for centuries, have defended our nation and way of life. As the son and grandson of veterans of foreign wars, I understand the sacrifices these brave souls make—and the hardships they endure even after returning home.

From the days of the Revolution the residents of Inwood have taken up arms when called upon. Their brave efforts recorded in print in verse.

Read more: An Inwood Memorial Day Tribute | My Inwood


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